Maharaja Srischandra College

20, RAMKANTO BOSE STREET, Kolkata-700003
Maharaja Sirischandra College

Health Care

  • The college office and the NSS unit have a First Aid Box for minor injuries of staff and students.
  • The students have access to medical advice and treatment from specialized medical practitioners at the Students’ Health Home, a state-level autonomous health organization, on payment of a subsidized annual subscription of Rs. 5.00 only.
  • All staff and the students of this College get prompt medical attention if needed, in the nearby R.G.Kar Medical College and Hospital.
  • Seminars and workshops are held in the college to address medical awareness of the students.
  • Sick room facilities are provided to examinees (for both College and University examinations) as and when required.
  • In the college premises, sick students are readily attended to by Doctors-on-Call.
  • Regular visits are conducted by KMC teams to prevent the fostering of mosquito bred infectious disease.