Maharaja Srischandra College

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Maharaja Sirischandra College

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Date of establishment IQAC

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was conceptualized by the governing body and subsequently a NAAC committee meeting held on 13/02/2014. The first meeting of the IQAC was held on 4/03/2014.

Mission and Vision of IQAC

  • To ensure systematic monitoring and evaluation of teaching and learning process through an established institutional framework.
  • To ensure that students’ entitlements are understood by all stakeholders.
  • To identify the areas of students’ entitlements those require further improvement with regard to capacity building for providing better quality services.
  • To ensure transparency and equity in provisioning services to the students.
  • To engage all stakeholders in the process of quality of services.
  • To establish a feedback system to evaluate the quality of services and plan for further improvement

Composition of the IQAC for the Session 2015 -

· Dr. Shyamal Kumar Chakraborty,  Principal – Chairperson

· Dr. Pranab Kr. Chakraborti- Senior Administrative Official/ Bursar

· Dr. Sunanda Roy – Teacher Member

· Prof. Kuntal Mitra– Teacher Member

· Dr. Sonali Banerjee – Teacher Member

· Dr. Sujatra Bhattacharyya - Teacher Member

· Prof. Munmun Saha - Teacher Member

· Prof. Debasis Mukherjee - Teacher Member

· Prof. Rosin Lakandri - Teacher Member

· Dr. Samir Kr. Ghosh – Management Representative

· Prof. Pijush Basu -  Management Representative

· Mr. Shakya Sen – Lawyer,  Local Community - Member

· Mr. Suvendu Biswas –Alumni Representative

· Mr. Udit Sharma – Students’ Union Representative

· Prof. Krishnapada Dash  – Coordinator

Students’ Entitlements

The college provides the following entitlements:

Relating to admission

  • To have information in the prospectus or in the admission brochure published in the college website whether the degree courses run by the college are approved by the affiliating university or not.
  • To have an open access to a document (usually called admission brochure/ prospectus) that specifies the curricula including syllabi, names and academic profile and status of the faculty, mode and frequency of evaluation, duration of the course, academic calendar, comprehensive information about fees or charges of any kind, and refund rules.
  • To have information n the process and criteria for admissions.
  • To have information about all reservations or quota for SC/ST/OBC/Sports category including the eligibility criteria for these reservations/quotas, certificate required for seeking admission under reserved category.
  • To allow students to get transfer certificate subject to clearance of outstanding fees at any time of the course and not to retain any original documents of the students at any point of time.

Relating to Quality of Teaching and Learning

  • To have learner centric environment conducive for developing their learning skills and quality education.
  • To receive instruction and reading material in English and Bengali (Hindi for Hindi subject) as medium of instruction or examination.
  • To have quality teachers as per UGC Norms from time to time, fulfillment of Minimum 180 teaching days in a year and completion of syllabus on time.
  • To have reasonable access to facilities, services and resources including library.
  • To have fair, transparent and timely evaluation process in place, including fair provisions for timely re-checking or re-evalutation of the scripts and redressal of any grievance related to the evaluation process.
  • To have a copy of their answer scripts after the declaration of results on demand subject to payment of requisite fees within reasonable time.
  • To have degree within 180 days of the declaration of results.
  • To evaluate and give feedback on teachers through a free and fair mechanism.

Fee and Financial Aid

  • To have prior and full information about amount, components, frequency and mode of any kind of payment including fees or charges of any other kind and refund rules.
  • To have a mechanism in place to ensure that no student is deprived of opportunities of quality education for lack of sufficient financial resources.


  • To have access to appropriate resources including classrooms, libraries, laboratories and other academic facilities necessary for quality education.
  • To have reasonable access to sports and recreation facilities, avenues for literary, aesthetic and other extra-curricular pursuits.
  • To have access to medical treatment in case of emergencies and treatment at subsidized rate at Student’s Health Home, Kolkata.
  • To have equal opportunity for all classes of students irrespective of category, religion and gender.
  • To have freedom of thought and expression within and outside their institution.
  • To form associations and unions, directly electing their representatives to Students Unions  and having their representatives on the college decision making bodies including internal  quality assessment, grievance committees, Gender Sensitization Committees against Sexual Harassment and the Academic council.
  • To have information about the college.
  • To have a grievance redressal committee.

Recent achievements of IQAC

  • An academic Calendar has been developed and well circulated.
  • ICT (Information and Communication Technology) has been introduced in teaching learning process and a good number of class rooms have been fitted with interactive projectors and LCD projectors.
  • All notices related to students are now uploaded on the college website.
  • The college of college website has been remodeled and continuous improvement process is in place.
  • Department wise teachers’ assignments are uploaded in the website to apprise all stakeholders.
  • Profile of faculty members are uploaded on the college portal to apprise about quality of faculty members.
  • Maintenance of record of the number of lectures delivered using ICT is done departmental heads.
  • Special emphasis is given to improve the attendance of students by engaging all stakeholders.
  • Remedial classes are offered to the students who did not score minimum marks in the university as well as college examination every year.
  • Internet Facility in the library has been introduced long before. Recently numbers of computers have been increased to expand the facilities.
  • The office software has been improved and the process is continued to generate reports and statistics for fulfilling various requirement of regulatory bodies.
  • The college has been taking utmost care to ensure transparency and equity in the admission process complying all regulatory norms.
  • Medical facilities to students have been provided through collaboration with Students Health Home. The NGO has been providing community health insurance since 1952 at minimum cost.

Future planning of IQAC

  • Expansion of college building and infrastructure
  • Construction of college building at Padmanath Lane
  • Establishment of book bank
  • Renovation of the existing college building and linking two buildings by construction of link corridor at first floor
  • Development of e – resources
  1. Prof. Krishnapada Dash  – Coordinator